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The All New YTB System

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It's been said that success comes when preparation meets 
opportunity. That's why we've created a 5-step plan for success 
and developed a host of business preparedness tools so you'll 
have everything you need to build a successful YTB business.  
The "Building Your House of Success" program involves the 
same steps to business success as building your dream home.  

Dream: Dream of the possibilities and assess your wants & needs.
Planning: Select your architect and design your plan of action.
Foundation: Complete your getting started training.
Framing: Set up your business and get connected.
Finishing: Practice your presentation and share the opportunity.


Team Leadership
Personal Mentoring System
Personal Assessments
Personal Success Tracks
Recruiting Diagram & Resources
Personal and Group Calendar
Goal Management System
Social Networking


Training & Education
Getting Started Track
YTB Training and Development
Course Progress Tracking
Course Quizzes & Certificates
Certification System
Personal Development Courses
YTB System Training


Sales & Marketing
Lead Generation Programs
Sales Presentation Sites
Lead / Contact Manager
Complete Sales Tracking
Sales Management System
Customer Service System
Sales / Phone Scripts

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